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Choose Real Comfort

When you choose the DC90 gas furnace, you are going for one of the most comfortable systems around. Many other ultra-high efficiency furnaces sacrifice air temperature to gain high efficiency. Our DC90 gas furnace delivers warmer, more comfortable air to your register and still gives you the energy conservation you expect -up to 92% A.F.U.E.

We achieved this marvel through ingenious engineering. At the heart is an integrated fan control that does more than simplify the wiring. It delays the fan operation to allow air to warm up before it is blown through your vents. Your installing dealer/contractor can leave the fan at its factory preset delay time or adjust it. It's completely your choice so you can have the exact balance that suits you.

Added Possibilities

In many communities, utility companies encourage their homeowner customers to replace old, inefficient heating systems with equipment that delivers the energy conservation ratings of the DC90 gas furnace - which qualifies for the EPA Energy Star logo. Ask your installing dealer/contractor about rebate opportunities in your area.

Premium Benefits

  1. Stainless Steel? The HEIL DC90 is one of very few ultra-high efficiency furnaces with a stainless steel primary heat exchanger. Our secondary heat exchanger is, of course, made with stainless steel too. Both are backed by our lifetime limited warranty.
  2. Proven Reliability? Inter-City Products operates a state-of-the-art engineering test laboratory in LaVergne, Tennessee as well as American Gas Association-approved test laboratories right in the heart of our Lewisburg production facility. New models and models randomly selected from the assembly lines are tested. Exhaustive and unending. Example? Take the DC90 ignition system. The design of this special electronic pilot ignition system has been laboratory tested over 500,000 heating cycles - the equivalent of 20 years - without a failure!
  3. Installation Costs? The HEIL DC90 has a host of features to help simplify installation. When your installing dealer/contractor saves time, your installation becomes more cost-effective. Most important, this furnace can be installed and vented in a variety of ways and it fits into tight spaces with height restrictions or narrow side clearances. In short, since your contractor won't have to do handstands to install it, you can expect to pay less for labor.
  4. Fits In A Closet? If you have ever been told that you don't have room for an ultra-high efficiency furnace, you may prove them wrong. Ask your contractor about the unusual spaces that fit the DC90.
  5. Air Conditioning? Sure, any of the split system air conditioners in the HEIL family would make an excellent partner for your DC90 gas furnace.


Beyond the lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchangers, there is also a five year limited warranty on all functional parts. In addition, your dealer/contractor can give you full details on H.E.L.P., the Homeowner Extended Labor and Parts Program which offers a choice of five year or ten year worry-free protection.

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